CMS Planets Project & Week 2 Goals

Go down & Week 2 Goals

Post  Mrs. Foote on Sat Nov 19, 2011 12:08 pm

Hello everyone-

I created a gmail account for the brochure Izzy is making that will explain the project to the public. (Excellent work, Izzy.)
Please use this email address to communicate with me: I recommend sending images to the email address or the Edmodo private groups, reserving space on the forum.

Reminder: We will place individualized planet posters in the windows of participating host sites rather than an individual brochure for each site. This simplifies the procedures for the host site, and keeps us from having to resupply brochures.

Group work is to create QR codes to be placed on the posters, help design your planet's passport pages (a logo page and planet introduction page) and help with layout and details for the poster I will print in a large format away from school.

Our research phase completed on Friday, 11/18. Production begins in the Mac lab on Monday, 11/28. By December 2 we should be ready to assemble the passports and test the QR codes.

Try outs for the fifth grade presentation field trip are scheduled for double stretch on Thursday, December 1 in the Mac Lab.

This project isn't intended as holiday homework.
However, I will post announcements as I have time to complete many details during the holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving-
Ms. Foote

Mrs. Foote

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