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Post  Ali on Wed Nov 16, 2011 6:15 pm

By joining this forum, you have agreed to the following:

You will not troll the forums. Trolling is the act of purposefully making others mad on the internet. If done on this forum, this can result in a lock of your post permissions.

Do not flame others for what you would call 'uneducated' posts. Everybody is entitled to an opinion, so do not insult them based on that. If someone makes an off-topic post, you should click "Report Abuse" and then Mrs. Foote will take care of it.

Do not post any inappropriate language, any bad pictures, or anything you know is wrong, THIS IS A CENSORED FORUM. This can result in the forum being disabled and will result in wide student backlash (as they will have all their work deleted and have to re-register for a new site).

Do not do anything that you know the teacher would not permit. Be mindful, this is not a chatroom-- you have the chatbox at the bottom for that.

Also, do not post unnecessary pictures, and if applicable, please link pictures to other websites. This forum has limited bandwidth (120 MB) which is only about 20-30 pictures, so please be mindful.

I hope you follow these rules to make this a successful forum!


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